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Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Data center Market 2014

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The datacenter markets in Asia/Pacific are under massive pressure. From the emergence of cloud computing to the demands of the business for relevant information, datacenter managers are under increased competitive pressure. Updates in technology and ongoing security threats are added to the equation, and this is a part of the IT ecosystem that needs to become an epicenter for efficiency, innovation, and predictability — not an easy task to accomplish. 

As a result, IDC Asia/Pacific has identified the following 10 areas that we believe will be most poignant in the next 12 months: 

  1. Software-Defined Confusion Will Reign 
  2. Automation Will Increase — But Not So Obviously 
  3. Divergent Datacenter Designs Will Define Markets 
  4. Datacenter Telemetry — A Facilities Opportunity in the Making 
  5. More Government Subsidies for Datacenters Will Emerge 
  6. End Users Will Know Less 
  7. Security Concerns Will Simply Not Go Away 
  8. Staffing Issues Will Continue to Be Problematic 
  9. Deep Pockets Will Define Markets 
  10. Digital Communities Will Enhance Datacenter Business Opportunities