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Learn How to Navigate the Datacenter

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The DataCentre is Today's Information Powerhouse

Many datacenter managers find themselves absorbed with concerns of capacity and bandwidth, resourcing issues and lack of funding, uptime and security, however what is missing is the strategic view...

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Changing IT strategies

The move from defence in depth to distributed integrityAs the IT security landscape changes, IT security strategy has to change too. But before we discuss this new IT security posture, we need...

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Cybercrime is here to stay

Why cybercrime is not going to go away, ever.If you asked CIOs to express their opinion about security, most would say that security has shortened the professional life span of many CIOs. While...

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Leave security to those who can best provide it

Focus only on core technologies that provide key business differentiationThere was a time when organizations talked about core competencies—a concept in management theory introduced by C. K....

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Managed Security Services will be the norm in the future

Why managed security services and security outsourcing is going to become a necessity in the futureIn the recent few years, there have been several high-profile security breaches since the...

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