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Buyers Conversation: Why CIOs in Malaysia Still "Fear" Cloud

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The state of adoption of cloud computing in Malaysia has been behind the curve as compared with Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and even markets such as India.

This is because Malaysia businesses are traditionally shy to outsource. Historically, the trend has been to hire directly and build an internal IT supply chain of skills largely because there are available general IT skills in the market. Another reason has been the lack of maturity of most Malaysia-headquartered IT service providers that have been slow to move out of the mainframe realm into the virtualization and services oriented reality of business.

This IDC Insight is based on the discussions IDC's analysts have had in Asia/Pacific region and analyzes the approach to adoption of cloud computing. Opinions expressed in this study are specific to the Malaysia market with CIO interviews across large conglomerates. Of these CIOs, most have businesses spanning construction, resources, commodities, and real estate sectors. Most of these organizations have a pan-Asian presence with emphasis on Southeast Asia, and headquartered at Kuala Lumpur.