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Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Cloud 2014 Top 10 Predictions

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As in 2013, the most important events in 2014 will cluster around what IDC defines as the "3rd Platform" for IT growth and innovation, built on cloud services, mobile devices, social technologies, and big data. We will see greater urgency and more complex applications in 2014, and bigger moves, as the cloud market shifts from the "exploration" stage to full-blown, high-stakes implementations within critical business processes and new levels of competition from new competitors. 

An ability to compete on the basis of the 3rd Platform will reset leadership ranks in the IT market and every industry that uses IT. 

  1. Customers in Emerging Markets Will Drive Growth and Shape Cloud-Based 3rd Platform Applications 
  2. Cloud Brokerage Will Emerge, Fragment, and Emerge Again 
  3. Cloud Services: Platforms Will Consolidate, Innovation Will Explode 
  4. Big Data Will Explode, Integrate with Cloud Platforms, and Give Birth to New Services 
  5. 2014 Will See the Perfect Storm for Project Failure: The Combination of Mobility, Analytics, Social, and the Cloud 
  6. 2014 Will Bring Ongoing Change and Resultant Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Activities to the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) ISV Market 
  7. 3rd Platform Datacenter Transformation Will Be Vital for Cloud Service Delivery 
  8. Cloud Security Will Provide the Security Guarantee for Internet of Things (IoT) 3rd Platform Growth 
  9. Technology Companies Will Become Cloud and Services Companies 
  10. Vertically Integrated Vendors Will Claw Back Margin and Relevance with Workload-Optimized Solutions