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Navigating the Shift to Cloud

Since 2008, IDC has been following the rapid adoption of cloud computing within the Asia Pacific region. Our ongoing research shows that cloud will drive changes in the way IT spending decisions...

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Managed Security Services will be the norm in the future

Why managed security services and security outsourcing is going to become a necessity in the futureIn the recent few years, there have been several high-profile security breaches since the...

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How IoT will impact the IT security landscape

End point security will become a major challenge for CIOsAdvances in the area of IT have been happening at such a quick pace that science fiction is becoming science fact. Robotics, Artificial...

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The changing role of IT Security

Why it’s going to be a board-level seat in the futureIn an increasingly connected world, IT security has become a matter of paramount importance. This is true both for governments and businesses....

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There is no ROI for security. It’s like military spending!

When asked during interviews what keeps them awake at night, most CIOs and CTOs blurt out one word: security.In most surveys conducted with CIOs, you will find security as one of the...

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